Used in food industry like ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, instant noodle and fast paste foodstuff for product moulding, taste improvement, anti – fragmentation, water retaining and tenacity strengthening.
In Drilling, Paper, Detergents, Food, and Textile Dyeing Printing.
In Pharmaceutical Industry, CMC is used for Suspension, Thickening and Stabilizing.
In Toothpaste manufacturing,is used for Thickening and viscosity Stabilizing agent.
Used in various kinds of Dairy products and condiments and plays a role of stabilization, taste improvement and thickening.
In Cosmetics,is used in Hair Colour, Henna, Instant tattoo etc.
It is also used in Oil Well Drilling, Paper, Detergents, Paints, and Textile Dyeing & Printing, Ceramics, Mining etc.