Product Description

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is prepared from cellulose by treatment with alkali and monochloro-acetic acid or its sodium salt.

Main Specification

Product GradeGAC-CMC-1GAC-CMC-2GAC-CMC-3
Viscosity(2% solution)10-50 mpa.s100-200mpa.s5-10 mpa.s
Degree of substitution(D.S)0.6%min0.6%min0.8%min
Loss on drying35-40%max35-40%max10%max


In paper industry, CMC used in the pulping process, can improve the presence rate, increased wet strength; for surface sizing, pigment as excipients to improve internal bond strength, reduced dust printing, printing quality; with in paper coating, and is conducive to the flow of the pigment dispersion, enhancing the smoothness of paper, smoothness, printability, and optical properties. Generally recommended dosage 0.3-1.5%. In the paper industry and a wide range of practical value as an additive, mainly in the water-soluble film-forming polymer and oil resistance.
 surface sizing , the paper has a high density, good resistance to ink permeability, and high smoothness of the wax sets.
● improve the paper cellulose viscous state, thereby enhancing the strength and folding paper.
● The color of the paper and the paper process, CMC help control paste fluidity and good ink absorption

Package:25kg paper bags with liner inside.

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Paper Grade Technical Data Sheet