Product Description

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, also known as hypromellose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether , a selection of highly pure cotton cellulose as a starting material under alkaline conditions specially prepared ether. 

Main Specification

Methoxy, wt%28.0-30.027.0-30.016.5-20.019.0-24.0
Gel temp,58-6462-6870-7570-90
Ash, wt%56℃-64℃56℃-64℃56℃-64℃56℃-64℃
Moisture: wt%5%max5%max5%max5%max
PH Value(2 wt% solution)4-84-84-84-8
Arsenic: ppm2max2max2max2max
Heavy metal: ppm20max20max20max20max
Bulk density370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l

Viscosity(2% solution), mPa.s

Ultra-low viscosity54-6
Ultra-low viscosity108-12
Ultra-low viscosity1512-18
Middle viscosity2520-30
Middle viscosity5040-60
Middle viscosity10080-120
high viscosity40003200-4800
high viscosity120009600-14400
Extra Ultra-high viscosity2000016000-24000
Extra Ultra-high viscosity2500022000-28000
Extra Ultra-high viscosity3000027000-32000
Extra Ultra-high viscosity4000038000-42000
Extra Ultra-high viscosity5000047000-52000
Extra Ultra-high viscosity6000057000-62000
Extra Ultra-high viscosity7500072000-78000


Used as dispersing agent or stabilizer for suspension polymerization in PVC, which can improve key factors of suspension polymers like average particle size, particle size distribution, particle form and inner structure. It is a main auxiliary for preparation of PVC by suspension polymerization.

Besides, HPMC can be used as thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, shaping agent, water-retaining agent, film forming agent, etc. in production of petrochemical, coating, building materials, paint remover, agricultural chemicals, oil ink, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, paper and cosmetics.

Package 25kg paper bags with liner inside.

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Technical Data Sheet