Drilling grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is a water-soluble polymer produced from cellulose chemically reacted with carboxy-methyl(anionic) groups which is widely used in water-based drilling fluid for a variety of applications, such as filtration control, viscosity and shale inhibition.

Main Specification

Degree of substitution0.8%min0.8%min0.65%min0.8%min0.8%min
Filtration loss/M3
(Fresh water)
Filtration loss/M3
(4%Saline water)
Filtration loss/M3(Saturated Saline water)0.9%NMT100.9%NMT100.9%NMT100.9%NMT100.9%NMT10
Bulk density370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l
pH  7-97-97-9
Viscometer value recording 600r/min(Fresh water)3%solution NMT903%solution NMT900.6 solution NMT 900.6 solution NMT 800.6 solution NMT 30
Viscometer value recording 600r/min
(4%Saline water)
00_______0.8%solution NMT 900.8%solution NMT 90
Viscometer value recording 600r/min(Saturated Saline water)00_______0.7%solution NMT 1000.7%solution NMT 30


Used for oil and gas drilling, digging wells and other projects function as follows:
1. mud wall with CMC enables the formation of thin Caine, low permeability filter cake, so to reduce water loss.
2.After the slurry was added CMC, the rig can get low initial shear, so that the mud wrap is easy to release the gas, while the debris quickly abandoned in the mud in.
3. drilling mud and other suspended as a dispersion, the presence of a certain period, after which CMC is added to make a stable and extended lifespan.
4. slurry containing CMC rarely affected by mold, therefore, need not maintain a high PH value, without the use of preservatives.
5. with CMC flushing fluid for drilling mud treatment agent, anti-soluble salts of various forms of pollution.
6. slurry containing the CMC, good stability, even at temperatures above 150 ℃ still reduce water loss.
Mud, low viscosity, high viscosity, high degree of substitution of CMC for smaller density high degree of substitution of CMC for large density mud. CMC should be chosen depending on the type and condition of the mud area, depth, etc.


25kg paper bags with liner inside.

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Oil Drilling Technical Data Sheet